Earlier Work

“ DEEWAR ” ( 260 episodes )
Channel : DD : Metro
life’s struggle tiem’s transitions balances of emotion
A man’s natures……….
A man’s desire…………
A fire to succeed………...
A will to hope
And the inevitable loss of control a story of raging emotions……………


“ AANE WALA PAL ” ( 260 episodes )The Trugh always wins
Channel : DD : Metro

The story of friendship and passion, The story of legitimacy of illegitimate relationships, The story of legal battles for human Rights

Caught in a web of circumstances, one doesn’t know what the next moment heralds

“AANE WALA PAL” is a saga of human beings whose hopes and aspirations are caught in a roller coaster of emotions, who wish to live and let live but are afraid what the coming times will have in store for them.


Programme : "AGNEEPATH" ( 104 episodes )
Channel : DD : National

“ agneepath ” The blazing path of woman’s destiny……………
The story of 5 Fiery, Flaming, Fateful, Fighting Women “agneepath” The path of fire. The blazing alley of woman’s destiny!!! It is the story of 5 girls. Five girls of weird birth and antecedents. First one is an illegitimate child, the second is from a broken family, the third one is a fatherless child, the fourth, daughter of an educationist and the fifth is an Australian, daughter of ambitious parents.

Programme : "KAB KYUN AUR KAHAN" ( 26 episodes )
Channel : DD : National

Kab? kyun? aur kahan?
Life is full of strange things. It wonders you in every day. After acquiring so much of the knowledge one is unable to understand many mysteries of the world. The man has achieved conquering the way to moon. He is claiming to know the whole universe. But, on earth, many of things happen such a way that his knowledge falls short to answer those questions.