On Air Programmes

Programme : ehsaas – kahani ek ghar ki
Channel : DD : National
Days : Monday to Friday
Timings : 13:30 hrs.

“ ehsaas - kahani ek ghar ki ” is the story of people who don’t believe in only “ life, but also feeling” the life. It’s a story of fighting back; bringing happiness out of treats as well one house……………..
One dream……….
Three sisters………
Three different lives………


Programmes: Kkaanch
Channel DD : National
Time band : 20:30 hrs.
Days : Mondays & Tuesdays

"Kkaanch" is a story of two sisters-their love and sacrifices for each other, about circumstances putting them opposite each other as mother – in- law and daughter – in –law to find their paths of values and ethics. A family that was bound together by its belief in its bond to each other never dreamt that it would just take a split second for this delicate bond to break. This story is a showcase of fragile relationships.


Programmes: Kehar
Channel DD : National
Time band : 20:30 hrs.
Days : Wednesdays

A story of two step sisters who love each other despite their conflicting personalities and interests and how they find themselves trapped in the middle of a murder mystery that threatens to change their fates forever and for worse.... unless they find a way out of the mess. What seems like the age old battle between the good and the bad on the surface. Kehar takes a step ahead as it delves deep into a gamut of the most complex of relationships.


Programmes: RaaZ...ki ek baatt
Channel DD : National
Time band : 21:00 hrs.
Days : Sunday & Monday

RaaZ…ki Ek Baatt is a thriller which has mystery and dark secrets in abundance. It’s a story of god-fearing family which by a strange twist of fate, falls prey to evil forces that are conceived due to internal conflicts arising from among themselves. It is action packed social drama against the backdrop of a supernatural mystery waiting to be unfurled. It is a sure shot thriller which a right mix of mystery, suspense and strong emotions that arise out of the complexity that surrounds each character of the saga.